viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Day 55, Mouth on Legs

Mouth on Legs from Black Cat Bases. I have got several of them, I have planned to use them as giant vermins or another strange animals, the little sons of The Great Mother.

54, "the Sacrifice"

This is the "Large crate with hands/tentacles" from Black Cat Bases. I enjoyed a lot painting it and planning how I´m going to use it in my games. I have thought to paint at least three of them and use them as scenes of horror or objective markers (victims for rescueing or something like that). I´ll only use the hands and I´ll use the tentacles for other things I have planned. I put some balsa wood inside of each crate side to attach the arms to them. I made holes in the wood and I glued the arms in them.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Day 53, Curwen or any other warlock

This miniature is from Artizan, Dr. Curfew. I posted this before on LAF but as I said I would like to post all the pictures on the blog and on the same thread. I´ll use him as warlock.

Day 52, Mad Scientist

Uncle Mike´s Mad Scientist from the set: Madmen.

Day 51, the Prophet in the pond

Another rescued miniature from the past. I'll call him "The Prophet" (kind of creature living in the cornfields, Does it sound familiar?). I don't know where I got this miniature from, a shame because I would like to have another one!!

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Day 50, Cultist (I´ll not say the name of his god) and scenery piece III: King in Yellow truck

Cultist from Pulp Figures, set Evil Hooded Minions 2. The King in Yellow truck is a repainted toy truck with an advert about the play "The King in Yellow". They have been posted before but I would like to keep every pic on the same thread and on this blog.

Day 49, dogs; Scenery piece 2, they will sleep, forever

I posted these pictures sometime ago in LAF but I´ll rescue several things to post them again during this week.

The little idol is from Black Cat Bases, set Cthulhu Sprue; and the dead animals are from Warlord Games set Dead Livestock. They have been poisoned by the misterious idol that some strange cultists have put in the middle of the unfortunate farmer. Somebody will pay for that!!

The dogs are from Vendel.

martes, 10 de abril de 2012

Day 48, Farmer

This miniature is from Artizan, I posted this one year and a half ago but I´m going to rescue some miniatures and I´ll post them here again. He will be an Agent or a Civilian.

Day 47, Lovecraft after read too many Necronomicon´s pages

Another limited special edition miniature from Uncle Mike's, the Zombie Lovecraft!! Be careful don´t read that book!!

Day 46, Lovecraft, the Chosen One

Sorry if I haven´t posted any picture in a week but I have been moving home(a horrible move). This is the first miniature I painted for playing Strange Aeons,I enjoyed painting him a lot. The miniature is from Uncle Mike´s, a limited edition miniature.

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012