martes, 1 de marzo de 2011


This is another miniature by Uncle Mike's Worldwide for their game Strange Aeons. I wanted to represent an ancient fishman in ornate ceremonial robes. He is still enjoying the remains of his last dinner.

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  1. I just jumped in from your comment on my own blog on a whim. These look fantastic. I had been hesitant on acquiring any of the SA minis because from the blisters they had looked a bit soft. However your paint-ups have made me reconsider!

  2. Thanks, I´m happy that you like them.

    They look soft because the white colour of the resin but the detail come out when you prime the miniature. I´m enjoying painting Strange Aeons miniatures. I need to post more pictures here. I´ll do it very soon because I have got more that 60 miniatures finished from different companies.