martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Painting the Crypt, an easy painting guide

I have made a fast painting guide for the Crypt from Uncle Mike´s Worldwide.

I have used Foundry colours but you can use any other green palette from another branch. The miniature are easy to paint using drybrushing. I have started priming the miniature in black and then I have used Foundry 69B as base colour. After that I painted drybrushing with F69C some areas leaving the lower part of the crypt darker. I have highlighted the crypt as you can see in the drawings. So in the end you should have the lower parts very dark and the upper edges almost white or yellow (depending on your taste).

 I have painted the sculpture using the same colours as I have used on the Crypt. This time I have painted it as if I were painting a jewel. I have done seven highlights but with only three it would be ok too. Please note that this time I have used the paint as always (watered down) and not by drybrushing. You have to take into account the light on the whole figure and its direction while painting every raised part as an independent jewel. There are more complicated ways of doing it but I find this way to be quick and effective (at least for me). I hope that you find this guide useful.

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  1. Great job! You have a amazing blog here, with lot of interresting horrot stuff and good painting work... I´m a follower now :)